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ICLC Okinawa

Japanese Language School


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Introductory Japanese Class

This class is for students who are complete beginners in Japanese.

Students will start from hiragana, katakana review, and learn basic grammar and expressions with some conversation practices. 

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Comprehensive Japanese Class

This class is for students with goals to find jobs or apply for universities and vocational schools in Japan.

Students will learn writing, reading, listening and speaking to pass the JLPT tests.

What We Offer

Welcome to ICLC!

Where you'll find warm hearts in a tropical paradise

ICLC is a Japanese language school with the longest history in Okinawa, established in 1983.

Students from over 30 countries have joined our ICLC family to start a new chapter in their lives.

If you love the tropics and a warm school atmosphere, ICLC will be the perfect place for you!

Contact Us

2F Sunhills Tabaru, 1-4-1 Tabaru, Naha, Okinawa, Japan

(5 minute walk from Oroku Station)


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