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Career Paths

Students advance to various paths after completing studies at ICLC.

​Paths after Graduation

paths after graduation chart

Paths differ depending on your goals.


Most students advance to vocational schools and universities to prepare working in Japan long term.

Others who already have work experience or a univeristy degree find jobs right after graduation.

Recommended JLPT Levels

Vocational Schools and Univeristies

  • Apply to vocational schools:
    Pass N2 (N3) level at ICLC

  • Apply to universities (Japanese programs):
    Pass N2 (N3) level at ICLC →Take the EJU
    *EJU…Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students

  • Apply to universities (English programs):
    Most programs do not require JLPT

Finding Work

*Must have university degree or 10 years of working experience in related job field.

  • Apply for Japanese companies: 
    University degree + Pass JLPT N2 level
    *Popular jobs in Okinawa are in IT and tourism industries.

  • Apply for jobs that do not use Japanese language:
    University degree (most jobs will not require JLPT) or 10 years of working experience in related field.

  • Apply for jobs related to U.S. bases in Japan:
    Most jobs will not require JLPT

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