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Typical School Day

8:45 Start classes

Classes will start with taking attendance and going over the lesson material.

10:15 Break time

20 minute break for students to get refreshments and chat with classmates and teachers.

10:35 Start classes

The last half of classes may be mini-tests or activities related to the lesson topic.

12:05 End classes

After class, you might stop by at the office for support or head to lunch.

12:30 Lunch

Grab lunch with friends to a restaurant nearby or go home to cook.

14:00 Work

Go work at your part-time job and practice your Japanese in real situations.

18:00 Dinner

Grab dinner or cook dinner back home.

19:30 Homework

Study for tests or homework and review what you learned.

21:00 Free time

Enjoy your free time with friends or have some personal time.

23:00 Rest

Rest for the day and charge your energy for tomorrow's learning journey!

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