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About School and Classes

What is the age limit to apply to ICLC?
How many students are in one class?
Can I join ICLC as a complete beginner in Japanese?
Can I extend my studies after starting school?
Are there classes that focus on conversation without JLPT studies?
Do you offer private lessons?
Are there classes in the evening and on weekends?
Can I study here with only a high school diploma?
Do you offer 1 week or 1 month courses?

About Application and Visa

How do I get a student visa?
How long does it take to get a student visa?
Can I extend my visa?
Can I apply for a student visa while staying in Japan on a short-term visa?
Can I bring family members to stay with me on a student visa?

Other Questions

Can I work part time?
Is there parking space at the school?
When can I move into the school dorms?
Can I change the dorm after moving in?
What kind of student insurance do you have?
Do you provide any discounts or scholarships?
What kind of COVID prevention measures do you have?
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